I Can’t Believe It!


One month today since my last post! I could come up with many excuses, but nothing would suffice. You see, my post on January 1 was a quote from the last poem in my first published poetry book. I’m working on an audio book now, but how would I blog about that? Where to go next?

I thought about writing about my five-month ordeal with a kidney stone (I made excellent notes), or my recent ongoing adventure in a bathroom remodel. It is currently at a temporary standstill until my work schedule coincides with the contractor, which may be a few more weeks. These have nothing to do with poetry…yet.

Instead, let me go off track a little. Last Friday evening I attended a friend’s performance. He was one of the actors in a local Off Broadway show.  Some issues with sound and stage gave them all a challenge that night. I had my own challenge with dinner. Cutting a slightly overdone chicken patty with a plastic knife on a Styrofoam plate was not easy.

I’m no expert on Broadway plays, but the variety of music and costumes were really good, from Cats to Chicago, to South Pacific, and more. The most intriguing part was that most of the performers showed their age, literally, with some exceptions. Let me just say they all appeared to be at least my age (or older). It was kind of hard to tell, though, especially with the dancers.

They all did a bang-up job and some of them had absolutely wonderful singing voices. I felt bad when the microphones became cantankerous and uncooperative, and the curtain cords sagged almost to the floor, choosing not to close without human hands. The show had to go on, and so it did.

At one point, I was surprised when I felt like I a proud mother, as if watching my young child in his first play. My heart hurt for one of the gentlemen when he forgot his lines and had to start his song again. He might have missed a beat, but he didn’t quit. The audience pulled for him.

In some of the numbers, we could not even hear the singers over the music. Another little glitch following the theme of the evening. As an afterthought, perhaps that was on purpose…

The most memorable part of the evening for me was when some of the ‘Cats’ prowled around the tables, pawing and purring at the audience members, most of whom were of the over 60 crowd. I felt like I was in an alternate reality, bordering on a vivid dream.

At the end of the show, the woman who headed it up told the audience how their Thursday practice went without a glitch. She laughingly wondered out loud why we all decided to come on Friday instead, and paying for the opportunity, to boot.

I don’t know if I would have the guts to do what these actors did, but I sure admire their gumption. My thanks go out to each of them for sharing their talents and lives so joyfully.


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