Author When You Look Up

Patricia Westbrook

Writing pulls me in like a little child drawn to fireflies on a muggy summer evening. Poetry has been my passion for several years. I like to write about nature: trees, wildlife and water. You’ll see this theme throughout my poetry, should you choose to read it. Everything changed for me when I decided to look up. When You Look Up: Selection of Poetry Volume 1, is available on Amazon in paperback:


or e-book format:


2015 will bring Volume 2 with Volume 3 the following year. This blog is about the backstory to my poetry. All my writing on this blog is copyrighted and is the sole property of this writer. Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Looking forward to your book. Let me know when it’s released. I hope to release a book of micropoetry in the future. I’ve got a lot learn before then!

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  2. Thank you, Tracy. A few years ago I joined a writer’s group and started a critique group which helped immensely. The encouragement from fellow writers and commitment to meet a deadline helped a lot. I’ll put a link for my book here on my blog as soon as it’s ready.


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