Steel and Fire


Stabbed in the back. Thrown under the bus. Sold down the river. A pointed finger. Deceived. Betrayed. A lie. Ratted out, even though you are not the one who did it.
Hoodwinked. Mislead. Not realizing what was happening until too late. Tricked. Bamboozled. Taken for a ride. Dragged through the mud. Toxic. It feels the same no matter what you call it. Metaphors upon metaphors.

There’s a way to prevent it, though. Find your voice and speak your truth. This sounds easy but is not always as simple as it seems, especially when there could be ramifications and consequences for the person on the receiving end, you. It could affect your future or a relationship. Perhaps it already has.

Instead of preventing the outcome you didn’t seek out or see coming, you stay silent and learn from the experience. You find out who your friends are. You realize who you can trust. You choose to change by not allowing yourself to find yourself in a position of exposing your back toward an invisible enemy. You even might become guarded with the wall behind you and the door within your immediate sight, like a gambler cowboy in a western movie, knowing the outlaw gunfighter will crash through the swinging bar doors any second. You prepare.

Steel and Fire pushed me toward a different level of creativity. The idea started with a poetry exercise and suddenly became of the most easily written poems I’ve ever done. It needed no rewrite, no tweaking a word here, changing a word there.

It was complete as written, a rare occurrence. Most poems have taken months (or years) of writing and putting them aside before rewrite after rewrite and then some.
I wasn’t timing myself, but I’m sure this poem only took minutes. Sometimes the fewest words affect a reader most deeply.

I’ve worked and played toward my dream of becoming a published author and am enjoying the feeling of completion thoroughly. I look forward to sharing more of my poetry in 2015, right around the bend. The holidays are closing in quickly…

You can find my poems in my recently published e-book! I’m too excited to sleep!

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My print book will be published very soon!