Beach Burial


old grey boat

Someone had intended
to mend
this beach-stranded boat

Hauled high on the shingle
well above
the high tide

uselessly tethered
by moss-bearded ropes
to a wind worried tree.

except by rats
and the occasional scuttling crab

Honey-shined wood
bleached grey
dulled with dry rot.

Tongue and groove joints
still hold firm
the ribbed torso.

Made by a craftsman long dead
with skills lost
in a past world of wood.

Hard plastic, fibreglass hulls
stamped and pressed to shape
industrial strength lines in fast factories

cheap runabouts for townies
will never die this beach death of dignity
mourned by passing poets.

© M.L.Emmett

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Quote from ‘Burnout’


Is this what burnout looks like to you? It is certainly how I have felt before…

This is actually a monk seal resting (they hunt at night) on the beach in Kauai, Hawaii. If I were to be burned out again, Kauai would be a nice place for it.

Catching Yourself!

Great post about the Law of Creation.

& . . . What More?

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 2.25.05 PMWhen the contrast shows up, remember you are creating what you think about.

I have been doing a lot of work with the Law of Creation lately. What this law is showing me is remarkable! Like the Law of Attraction that I have practiced for years, I see the results of what I desire show up effortlessly and easily. However, I have often gotten stuck with the Law of Attraction in the areas of abundance and love.

Despite my ability to manifest trips, money to pay a certain bill, or any other thing that struck my fancy, I would often feel the panic arise when the issue of money came up. Each time I would receive or think about a big bill, I would have to “work” to get my mindset in a place that said, “I am always taken care of and I always have more than I need…

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Ode to Our Children


    This poem and title came to me after a couple of events occurred very closely together which affected me deeply. Close to three hundred girls were kidnapped from their school in Nigeria, causing much distress in the world and in our hearts.
    In the same month I attended a seminar before going to work one morning. The subject was Human Trafficking.
    Although I knew it existed, the statistics and facts startled me: this was occurring in increasing numbers here in the U. S., especially in largely populated coastal states; the top three being California, Texas and Florida. According to the speaker, victims rescued in Florida alone ranged in ages from 9 to 67, mostly female.
    Most runaways are approached within 72 hours of being on the street by traffickers. Kidnapped children and laborers are instilled with the fear of coming forward. They are bullied, threatened, beaten, drugged, brainwashed or intimidated into submission.
    The cruelty acted out by some humans toward others is incomprehensible; yet it continues to occur. There must be a deeper lesson in these kinds of horrific actions carried out by perpetrators. Perhaps they are our teachers on some level. Could we become their teachers? Can we help them see a better way?
    Ode to Our Children just would not stop wanting to be written. It is long-winded and arduous, with raw emotional reaction to the ongoing events I heard and learned about.
    Awareness about human trafficking is an important first step. Beginning to notice more about people around us is key. There are specific traits and behaviors human traffickers and the victims they abduct exhibit. Both live in our communities; possibly as our neighbors.
    We all have a choice to learn about and begin to notice telltale signs. We can all help in rescuing the enslaved children and laborers by notifying law enforcement, who can then do their job in bringing criminals to justice for their unthinkable crimes.
    I wonder how many rescued victims will grow to be upstanding citizens and how many will become human traffickers. Perhaps we can help them choose the better path. With the whole of my heart, I hope they decide on the side of good, in spite of, or perhaps because of what they have endured.
    With healing comes a choice to become catalysts in helping end this atrocious thing. Rescued victims then gain power they can use to change the world in a great way. We owe it to all human trafficking victims to help in any way we can. Writing to bring awareness is something I can do.