Never Thought I’d Sprain My Tooth!


It’s been one week and one day since I ate celery and peanut butter, two of my favorite foods to eat together. It was a Thursday afternoon, about 4:20 p.m. As I munched on my treat, a grinding ‘crunch’ and immediate pain shot through my bottom front tooth down to the root. My tooth was loose! It had physically moved forward in my mouth. I could see it in the mirror and feel it with my tongue.

I immediately called the dentist who kindly made time to see me. I would be the last patient of his workweek. X-rays revealed the root and tooth had no breaks (thank goodness).

I could not bite without hitting the lower tooth with the top tooth, which shot pain into the root with each bite. The dentist decided the best route (no pun intended) to take would be to grind the top and front of the bottom tooth (much to my dismay). I hated having any part of my teeth removed. I knew I needed to chew, though.

The pain felt like how I imagine it would feel to be punched in the mouth with a fist. It hurt for several days. After a couple of days, I realized the top tooth had mashed into the bottom tooth, edge to edge. A rough edge on the top tooth gave away the culprit.

I still cannot bite with my front teeth, so must use the side of my mouth to accept small bites of mostly easy to chew foods. The dentist said to wait and see, and it may take weeks or months before I can chew normally again.

Heck, I have never heard of spraining a tooth. Now I know what it is, how it feels, and what to do to prevent it…don’t eat anything. Since that’s not possible, my best advice is to chew softly and gently. Not that I expect anyone to pay attention, but if you sprain your tooth, don’t say I didn’t warn you!