Life savers come in many flavors and colors. Some watch over you. Some are angels disguised as people. Some life savers are round and can float, others are sweet and crunchy. Some stay in the shallows until the time is right for them to float your way. Some show up completely unexpected. Sometimes you don’t realize you even need saving.

I’ve been blessed with many different life savers through the years. My sister saved me with one phone call. A truck driver saved me with a single CB (Citizen Band) radio message. Snow saved me from certain injury when the car I rode in slid off the side of a slippery mountain road. My dad saved me from drowning more than once when I was little. I saved myself.

When I think about it, life savers have been with me all my life. I didn’t fully understand the ways of life savers until quite a while after I started journaling. As my feelings poured onto the page through the pen in my hand, a shift began to occur in my interpretation of events.

With new perspective comes great awareness. Discovering a true passion, turning it into a dream, and creating something beautiful allows me to share experiences and ideas more fully.

Getting ideas out of my head and onto the page is freeing. It doesn’t matter if they are real experiences or imaginary places. The point is to release them. Sometimes I journal in the darkness and am surprised the following day to see what I’ve written. It’s cathartic.

More good news: my paperback is now published on Amazon! WOO HOO!!! I feel like a little child who just unwrapped a present! This gift was bound in many layers that needed to be torn away one at a time to get to the core.

Here’s the link for my book:

It’s a great accomplishment for me to be able to say, ‘It’s done!” It is also a heartfelt gift for the world to enjoy. Who knows? Maybe my poetry will be a lifesaver for someone. From my experience, lifesavers come in all sorts of surprising packages.